Zidaburika was established in 1995 to provide high quality machined and fabricated products for a niche market in the food and drug service industry. Since then, we have developed into a trusted supplier to a wide variety of industries and have provided design and Assembly services for national and globally marketed food and drug.

Through technology, innovation, skilled people and unmatched customer service, we have been able to assist our customers with their toughest challenges in manufacturing while maintaining competitive pricing.


plant design

From the days of the Industrial Revolution to the newly minted 21st century, the construction of a manufacturing facility has been through its share of changes.

Each building was located and designed for a relatively specific purpose: to provide space for mass fabrication or assembly by machines and people.

A complex project like a manufacturing facility should be handled by a contractor, preferably one experienced with the needed type of facility.


An HVAC system is Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. That is used to conditioning air in a big area where a usual air conditioner cannot be used. It contains a boiler, chiller cooling tower and air handling unit.

This system is used to control the temperature of a designated space such as manufacturing as well as the storage area of the pharmaceutical facility with the control of the moisture in the air, supply the area with fresh air by controlling the carbon dioxide and oxygen level. It also controls the contamination of airborne particles by regulating the movement of air.